No accountability for Weather Modification in Canada

The sky over my house june 20 2012

Today I have undergone another research mission to try and get to the bottom of the weather modification issue in Canada?

What issue is this I speak of?

Well, particularly the use of cloud seeding technologies above our heads with out our consent.  Spraying of cloud seeding particulates is polluting our atmosphere with heavy metals which is part of the definition of air pollution laid out by Environment Canada.

So I called Environment Canada and asked if I could get any information regarding Canada’s weather modification program.  The lady I spoke to did not know what I meant so I rephrased my question as: “have you ever heard of chemtrails?”  She replied with a yes and asked if I would like information about chemtrails.  I said “yes” and she put me on hold well performing her query.  I couple minutes later she said that chemtrails are handled by Transportation Canada.

So I looked at Transportation Canada’s website about information regarding chemtrails.  All there is, is a one page disinformation spit about how there is no scientific evidence to back up the existence of chemtrails (which is not even true).  They also try and describe contrails as being chemtrails by noting there possibilities in appearance and calling them persistent.

BC hydro did a study conducted by weather modification inc. back in 2001 about increasing snowpack to yield higher run off and essentially more power generation capacity.  Two years after this study the weather modifications act was repealed.  Prior to that if you wanted to do any weather modification you had to go through the Minister of Water Land and Air Protection 30 days prior to the start of such activities.  Now it’s apparently all handled at a Federal level by Environment Canada which when I requested info about it sent me to Transport Canada which gave bogus information.

So this leads me to conclude that our government is giving us the “round about” on chemtrailing and weather modification.  Perhaps we will have to do a freedom of information act request to trying and get the information out of the governments annals.  Freedom of information acts vary from province to province.  With extremely high information collection and retention fees in my opinion.

If anyone has any additional information or would like to corroborate to try and get to the bottom of this issue feel free to contact more or leave a comment.

Thank you for your interest in this very important issue.

Living in love: from the heart.

The human body is a system.  

Like a computer it processes information which comes from our senses.

Systems have a structure.

The way we structure our system of how we process our information changes what information we are processing.  Thus changing the way we live, because living is a process and we are processing different information depending on our processing structure.

So what are the different ways of structuring this process in which we call living?

We can choose to process information through two distinctive channels which I am aware of.

The first channel which we shall discuss goes like this:  The processing of information starts in the ego/mind which manifests in the form of wants, needs and desires.  The energy from this function of processing then travels down to the heart which becomes affected by the energy which has been processed in this manner.  The heart resonates with this energy and it permeates into your bodies and their surroundings.   If the energy processed in this way is non-integral to the promotion of creation then the channels in which the energy is expressed through will experience “dis-ease”.


The second channel of which we can process information starts with the processing of information in the heart.  When we are operating in love or resonating at a loving vibration which is promotional to creation then we can say that we are operating in love.  When we are operating in love through our heart it empowers our mind to do the same which promotes divine inspiration, empowered thinking and creative expression.


Our hearts is our guide.

Listen to your heart and how it is resonating during any given moment.  It will tell how you are operating and whether or not you are operating beneficially or whether or not something is of a beneficial vibration to the promotion of your creative expression.

Love is a vibrational frequency

The frequencies of love and beyond are empowering.  When you are empowered with love, by love, it empowers you to act out of love which thus empowers you further.  Thus love is not only empowering but self sustaining.

Which means we therefore have the ability to live a self sustaining life empowered by our ability to process/live of or in love.

How do I know if my heart is filled with love?

In order to judge whether or not your heart is filled with love you need something to compare it to.  The act of comparison is an egoic process which is rooted in duality.  But what your ego is comparing is the feeling of love/enpowerement and ego/destruction.  This only your heart can feel.

Your heart feels and your ego thinks.

Your heart does not understand the difference between higher and lower vibrations it can only feel them.  The heart processes love which is beyond understanding.  You cannot understand love, you can only feel it.  Your ego is what ‘understands’ whether or not your heart is filled with love based on what your heart ‘feels’.

Thus knowing is a prerequisite of understanding.

Which means you do not need to understand in order to know because knowing is based on feeling and understanding is based on thinking.  Your hearts way of knowing based on feeling is a divine process because it can process love which transcends duality.

What/Who do we know that transcends duality?

God does!

So then we are made in his ‘image’ in a sense, but not a physical one.  Our creators gift to us is the power of God.  The power of god is love.  God has gifted us with the ability to process love which is the power of creation.  We were thus created of love by love.  Love is thus our true nature.

Global Warming Zealots Get Slammed by NASA Scientists

Global Warming Zealots Get

Slammed by NASA Scientists

by Mitch Battros – Earth Changes Media


49 former NASA scientists and astronauts sent a letter to NASA Administrator Charles Bolden last week admonishing the agency for its role in advocating a high degree of certainty that man-made CO2 is a major cause of climate change while neglecting empirical evidence that calls the theory into question.




The group, which includes seven Apollo astronauts and two former directors of NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, are dismayed over the failure of NASA, and specifically the Goddard Institute For Space Studies (GISS), to make an objective assessment of all available scientific data on climate change. They charge that NASA is relying too heavily on complex climate models that have proven scientifically inadequate in predicting climate only one or two decades in advance.


We believe the claims by NASA and Goddard, that man-made carbon dioxide is having a catastrophic impact on global climate change are not substantiated, especially when considering thousands of years of empirical data,” the group wrote. “With hundreds of well-known climate scientists and tens of thousands of other scientists publicly declaring their disbelief in the catastrophic forecasts, coming particularly from the GISS leadership, it is clear that the science is NOT settled.”


H. Leighton Steward, chairman of the non-profit Plants Need CO2, noted that many of the former NASA scientists harbored doubts about the significance of the C02-climate change theory and have concerns over NASA’s advocacy on the issue. While making presentations in late 2011 to many of the signatories of the letter, Steward realized that the NASA scientists should make their concerns known to NASA and the GISS.


“These American heroes – the astronauts that took to space and the scientists and engineers that put them there – are simply stating their concern over NASA’s extreme advocacy for an unproven theory,” said Leighton Steward. “There’s a concern that if it turns out that CO2 is not a major cause of climate change, NASA will have put the reputation of NASA, NASA’s current and former employees, [and put] the very reputation of science itself at risk of public ridicule and distrust.”




The letter included a request for NASA to refrain from mentioning CO2 as a cause of global warming in future press releases and websites. The agency’s “Global Climate Change” webpage says that “Humans have increased atmospheric CO2 concentration by a third since the Industrial Revolution began. This is the most important long-lived “forcing” of climate change.”


The EPA website says that “Increasing levels of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide in the atmosphere since pre-industrial times are well-documented and understood.” It goes on to say that “The atmospheric buildup of CO2 and other greenhouse gases is largely the result of human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels.”


What does NASA say?


“NASA sponsors research into many areas of cutting-edge scientific inquiry, including the relationship between carbon dioxide and climate,” says the agency’s chief scientist, Dr. Waleed Abdalati. “As an agency, NASA does not draw conclusions and issue ‘claims’ about research findings. We support open scientific inquiry and discussion…If the authors of this letter disagree with specific scientific conclusions made public by NASA scientists, we encourage them to join the debate in the scientific literature or public forums rather than restrict any discourse.”

Elections Canada confirms over 31,000 complaints in RoboCall Scandal

Join us Canada! 36,000 members and growing

Elections Canada faces 31000 complaints in robo-call probe

The ballot watchdog reported that as of Friday morning it had registered 31,000 “contacts” or messages from Canadians regarding the 2011 federal election campaign and the use of fraudulent, misleading or harassing calls designed to suppress votes. The number vastly outdistances grievances lodged after previous general elections.

Stephen Harper Stole 2011 Election?

Measuring the impact of robocalls in the 57 ridings allegedly targeted

cbc news: photo posted to Facebook by (Robocalls) RackNine CEO Matt Meier, in which he noted that “government does pay”

Link Between Racknine President Matt Meier and the Harper Government , personal facebook photos of Racknine President Matt Meier released.

A slew of former employees at a call centre in Thunder Bay, Ont., revealed on Monday they were using a script to make live calls on behalf of the Conservative party direction voters to goto wrong polling stations.

First election scandal casualty: Democracy

February 27th 2012- The word is “script.” And we’re not talking about the Oscars here. source:

February 27th 2012- “I made misleading election calls for the Tories: Call centre workers speak out.” source:…

February 27th 2012- CBC News- Robocalls : **Confirmed** Conservative Party linked to calls directing voters to different polling stations.…

February 27th 2012
Conservative scripts misdirected voters in 2011 election, say call centre

Conservative staffer “thrown under the bus” resigns amid ‘robocalls’ probe

Harper didn’t “win” by much (6201 votes is the sum of the closest 14 margins of victory in those ridings) and the cons we now know cheated…

The Conservatives won their majority with 166 seats. That’s a margin of 11. That means the legitimacy of the Tory majority is in question. It’s simple math.

Easy to read list of the affected ridings.

Stephen Harper, Jason Kenney, Rona Ambrose and Tim Uppal amongst those whose campaigns paid for RackNine’s auto-dial services.

Misleading election campaign robocalls linked to company that worked for Conservatives

Harper, CFC and RackNine

Download docs here:

Research Credit goes to Youtube user Secretstore.

Himalayas have lost no snow over the past 10 years.

Here is evidence that it is particularly our poles which are warming up, not just because of “climate change”, because for anything to happen in terms of a differential implies change.  Not saying there isn’t a climate change, since there is in fact evidence of global warming, but there is also evidence of planetary warming of our entire solar system, including our sun.  So we need to step back and look at the big picture here.  Which is that everything in our solar system is heating up.

Now this article is a big propaganda piece and is quite upsetting to read.  It is basically saying that some people are blaming the sun for the warming based on the fact that other planets are being warmed as well but “scientists” say this is misleading and that we are to blame.

Whatever research there doing shouldn’t be considered highly scientific and at best theoretical.  There simply is not enough evidence for scientist to put the blame on people.  We don’t have data going back as far as to previous cycles, since we are going through a solar cycle at this moment.   We are also completing an even larger cycle which evidently in my opinion is the reason for the increase in temperature.  Since the increase in temperature correlates with other planets in our solar system there is factual evidence that the sun would be the main determinant of thermal increase.

“Scientists” are trying to blame carbon as the cause of the temperature increase to scare the populous into giving away they’re money by being taxed for producing it.  The fact that it is called the “Carbon Tax” is sickening to me because carbon is one of the building blocks of life on this planet.  So just think about: we can’t live without carbon.  We’re being taxed for emissions of something that is essential for life.  It would be different if it was a “carbon monoxide tax” which is poisonous and polluting, but just carbon alone is not.

Carbon is part of  the symbiotic cycle between plants and animals. We inhale oxygen from plants and exhale carbon which they inhale and then exhale oxygen and the cycle repeats.  Near clean burning coal plants people have found that plant life flourishes in environments which contain access carbon.  This flourishing plant life counter-balances the access carbon by consuming and producing oxygen.

Don’t fall for the globalist game of control and domination.  Think about what it is that your government is asking of you and the policies that they impose and how that might affect you.  Do research and look beyond what is presented to you in the mass media which is controlled and consolidated in most parts of the world.   Use your head and particularly your heart.  Let it guide you.

Canada drops 240 bombs in Libya air campaign – World – CBC News

Canada drops 240 bombs in Libya air campaign – World – CBC News.

Each laser guided bomb weighs in at a whopping $100,000 a piece.  That is a ridiculous amount of money going to a ridiculous war.

CSS generators

Image Depicting CSS3

I have compiled a handly list of CSS3 generators, which you can view here. is live!

My new and improved blog is up and running.


NLE 11′ and Judgement day

National Level Exercise: May 16–20, 2011

The week-long capstone event in the National Level Exercise in which all participating Federal, State, Tribal and Private Sector entities interact to test the eight overarching Exercise Objectives defined during the planning process for NLE 11 at all levels of government (Federal, State and Local).

The day after the end of NLE 11′ is judgement day according to the bible and this youtube video:

This is very likely to be the day that the New Madrid fault slips. It seems that this time we can expect that instead of the event occurring on one of the same days as one of these exercises it will most likely be the day after.

I believe there has been seem some speculation about judgement day particularly by Christians who actually think the world is going to end on this day. Continue reading

Important New Madrid HAARP UPDATE!!!

These videos explain what is currently being done to the New Madrid seismic zone with HAARP, and what the effects of this is going to be. This is very important information for anyone who lives in the blue areas on this map.

You can monitor the situation for yourself here:

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