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Where and Why To Buy Metals: Gold, Silver, Copper etc.

Gold Coins and Calculator "Image"

The silver and gold markets are at all time highs.  This is because the US dollar is being devalued by hyperinflation.  When the US dollar loses its value it loses its power and its ability to be the financial backing of the world economy.

Before the world economy was backed by the federal reserve, it was backed by gold and silver.  Instead of all the banks and countries around the world holding treasury bills as their reserve currency, they held gold.

Now because the US dollar is collapsing, everyone is starting to lose faith in the power of the federal reserve treasury bills as the worlds currency.  Therefore; people like china who see this happening, are buying commodities with their treasury bills in order to preserve assets as the treasury bills lose their value.

This is pushing the price of commodities up globally.  When you have higher commodity prices you have to pay more in order buy what you want.  We are seeing things get a lot more expensive globally.  Oil, Natural Gas, Gold, Silver, Wheat, Corn, Butter just to name a few.  Pretty much every single commodity has gone up in price except for one or two. Continue reading


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