No accountability for Weather Modification in Canada

The sky over my house june 20 2012

Today I have undergone another research mission to try and get to the bottom of the weather modification issue in Canada?

What issue is this I speak of?

Well, particularly the use of cloud seeding technologies above our heads with out our consent.  Spraying of cloud seeding particulates is polluting our atmosphere with heavy metals which is part of the definition of air pollution laid out by Environment Canada.

So I called Environment Canada and asked if I could get any information regarding Canada’s weather modification program.  The lady I spoke to did not know what I meant so I rephrased my question as: “have you ever heard of chemtrails?”  She replied with a yes and asked if I would like information about chemtrails.  I said “yes” and she put me on hold well performing her query.  I couple minutes later she said that chemtrails are handled by Transportation Canada.

So I looked at Transportation Canada’s website about information regarding chemtrails.  All there is, is a one page disinformation spit about how there is no scientific evidence to back up the existence of chemtrails (which is not even true).  They also try and describe contrails as being chemtrails by noting there possibilities in appearance and calling them persistent.

BC hydro did a study conducted by weather modification inc. back in 2001 about increasing snowpack to yield higher run off and essentially more power generation capacity.  Two years after this study the weather modifications act was repealed.  Prior to that if you wanted to do any weather modification you had to go through the Minister of Water Land and Air Protection 30 days prior to the start of such activities.  Now it’s apparently all handled at a Federal level by Environment Canada which when I requested info about it sent me to Transport Canada which gave bogus information.

So this leads me to conclude that our government is giving us the “round about” on chemtrailing and weather modification.  Perhaps we will have to do a freedom of information act request to trying and get the information out of the governments annals.  Freedom of information acts vary from province to province.  With extremely high information collection and retention fees in my opinion.

If anyone has any additional information or would like to corroborate to try and get to the bottom of this issue feel free to contact more or leave a comment.

Thank you for your interest in this very important issue.


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