Living in love: from the heart.

The human body is a system.  

Like a computer it processes information which comes from our senses.

Systems have a structure.

The way we structure our system of how we process our information changes what information we are processing.  Thus changing the way we live, because living is a process and we are processing different information depending on our processing structure.

So what are the different ways of structuring this process in which we call living?

We can choose to process information through two distinctive channels which I am aware of.

The first channel which we shall discuss goes like this:  The processing of information starts in the ego/mind which manifests in the form of wants, needs and desires.  The energy from this function of processing then travels down to the heart which becomes affected by the energy which has been processed in this manner.  The heart resonates with this energy and it permeates into your bodies and their surroundings.   If the energy processed in this way is non-integral to the promotion of creation then the channels in which the energy is expressed through will experience “dis-ease”.


The second channel of which we can process information starts with the processing of information in the heart.  When we are operating in love or resonating at a loving vibration which is promotional to creation then we can say that we are operating in love.  When we are operating in love through our heart it empowers our mind to do the same which promotes divine inspiration, empowered thinking and creative expression.


Our hearts is our guide.

Listen to your heart and how it is resonating during any given moment.  It will tell how you are operating and whether or not you are operating beneficially or whether or not something is of a beneficial vibration to the promotion of your creative expression.

Love is a vibrational frequency

The frequencies of love and beyond are empowering.  When you are empowered with love, by love, it empowers you to act out of love which thus empowers you further.  Thus love is not only empowering but self sustaining.

Which means we therefore have the ability to live a self sustaining life empowered by our ability to process/live of or in love.

How do I know if my heart is filled with love?

In order to judge whether or not your heart is filled with love you need something to compare it to.  The act of comparison is an egoic process which is rooted in duality.  But what your ego is comparing is the feeling of love/enpowerement and ego/destruction.  This only your heart can feel.

Your heart feels and your ego thinks.

Your heart does not understand the difference between higher and lower vibrations it can only feel them.  The heart processes love which is beyond understanding.  You cannot understand love, you can only feel it.  Your ego is what ‘understands’ whether or not your heart is filled with love based on what your heart ‘feels’.

Thus knowing is a prerequisite of understanding.

Which means you do not need to understand in order to know because knowing is based on feeling and understanding is based on thinking.  Your hearts way of knowing based on feeling is a divine process because it can process love which transcends duality.

What/Who do we know that transcends duality?

God does!

So then we are made in his ‘image’ in a sense, but not a physical one.  Our creators gift to us is the power of God.  The power of god is love.  God has gifted us with the ability to process love which is the power of creation.  We were thus created of love by love.  Love is thus our true nature.


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