New Madrid Urgent Update


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I dont know how valid this report is, but id rather mirror it and be wrong, than not to post it at all.

NLE’11 starts soon, and we know how they love to pull false flags around drills.

Stay strony my American brothers and sisters, we are all with you

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New Madrid Earthquake; the Countdown Begins.

Check out this video because apparently the countdown has begun. All though in my opinion the countdown began shortly after the earthquake in Japan.

I looked at Dutchsinse’s Youtube channel for the 11th and though there was Scalar Square and HAARP activity it wasn’t in the New Madrid area. The scalar squares are mostly likely the cause of or related to these lights which were recorded on the same day in the same area.

Even though there isn’t any current activity over New Madrid we still need to watch the area as it is highly unstable and likely to be HAARP’d again. The kill-shot seems to be looming. I suggest anywhere close to the New Madrid area get out if you can. This quake is going to be huge when it comes. The last one rocked almost the entire U.S this one is likely to be much more deadly.

Youtuber “Dutchsinse” Finds Hidden Fukishima Radiation Predictions

Iodine 131 prediction US

Through an unlocked back-door of the NILU “Norwegian Institute for Air Research”, Dutch discovers the prediction repository that they do not want you to see. This is data that has been kept hidden from the public.

Take a look and grab some GIF’s well you can cause I guarantee once they find out that this data is vulnerable they will secure it.;O=D

It is interesting and slightly peculiar that “Zardoz” is the name of a 1974 “B-movie” starring Sean Connery which incidentally has a post apocalyptic setting.

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Deviant Artist, Part 2.

New Submissions up at my Deviant Art profile.

Here are some of my new submissions:

Hungry Hairy Caterpillar
Sherman Tank Monument
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Where and Why To Buy Metals: Gold, Silver, Copper etc.

Gold Coins and Calculator "Image"

The silver and gold markets are at all time highs.  This is because the US dollar is being devalued by hyperinflation.  When the US dollar loses its value it loses its power and its ability to be the financial backing of the world economy.

Before the world economy was backed by the federal reserve, it was backed by gold and silver.  Instead of all the banks and countries around the world holding treasury bills as their reserve currency, they held gold.

Now because the US dollar is collapsing, everyone is starting to lose faith in the power of the federal reserve treasury bills as the worlds currency.  Therefore; people like china who see this happening, are buying commodities with their treasury bills in order to preserve assets as the treasury bills lose their value.

This is pushing the price of commodities up globally.  When you have higher commodity prices you have to pay more in order buy what you want.  We are seeing things get a lot more expensive globally.  Oil, Natural Gas, Gold, Silver, Wheat, Corn, Butter just to name a few.  Pretty much every single commodity has gone up in price except for one or two. Continue reading

Earthquake Eminent, at New Madrid Fault.

New Madrid Fault Earthquake Map
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Radiation Monitoring Resources

Radiation Warning

    With all the radiation spewing out of the Fukishima Nuclear Powerplant it is important for everybody to be aware of the current levels of radiation where you live, and if your planning on travelling. It is also good to know whether any radiation is predicted to be heading your way. In this blog post I will be compiling a list of resources, and tools for radiation monitoring as well as information about them.

Online Radiation Monitoring

The Radiation Network is a private radiation monitoring network.  Set up by Mineralab.  An Arizona Company that sells Geiger Counters.  They take real-time data from people who keep there counters on.  The maps are update constantly with fresh data by the minute.  They have maps for most of North America (as shown above).  As well as maps for Japan, Alaska, Hawaii, and Europe.

Radiation Network Screenshot

Black Cat Systems also has an online radiation monitoring resource. They currently have network coverage of parts of Japan, America, Europe, and the Middle East. They have also come out with an Iphone app and recently an Android app which you can use to view their network from your smartphone.  Along with the map, their is also some good information about radiation and radiation monitoring.  If you got to the Black Cat Systems homepage you can see a list of radiation monitoring products along with a range of other products which they have to offer.

If you live in the U.S and you trust the government, you can view a RadMap by the EPA here.

If you live in Nevada or Utah or any states downwind the Community Environment Monitoring Program has environmental monitoring stations throughout your states.

Here is a live stream of Geiger counters monitoring radiation in Los Angeles.

Video streaming by Ustream

Finland radiation monitoring:

Dutch radiation monitoring:

Radiation Forecasting links:…

Nuclear & Atomic Energy Information

The Japanese Atomic Industrial Forum gives general information about atomic energy as well as updates on the situation at Fukishima.

IRSN logo

The IRSN is a French institute which post news and in depth publications on their website regarding nuclear safety. Their website is available in English and in French. Here is the English version.

Atomic Energy Collage

At the website virtual nuclear tourist website their is a hole wealth of information on nuclear power-plants from around the world. There is over 300 pages of information and 700 graphics and pictures. They have a new page up about Fukishima which goes over its design flaws and the risks of radiation exposure. If you want to know more about nuclear energy this is a good place to start.

At the website for the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and technology their is a section of their website regarding nuclear safety. This website is in Japanese and needs to be translated in order to be read in English.

NISA, the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency provides daily updates on the situation in Fukishima and any other situations which regard nuclear safety. The website has a few PDF’s concerning nuclear safety and their are also a few resources under the resource section which relate to nuclear energy regulation and legislation in Japan.

Physical Detectors

RADstickers: RADstickers are small postage stamp sized stickers which you can carry on you to determine the level of nuclear radiation around you in the event of an emergency. Anything that detects radiation is in high demand right now. You can find these on ebay but they are in short supply.

Non-linear Senses

As a child we are told that we only have 5 senses. But that is not true. According to an answer to the question “How many senses does a human being have?” on Discoveries “fit & health” website, there is in between 14-20 senses. They seem quite obvious after one looks at it. For example our ears have multiple senses that not only sense sound vibration but also the orientation of our position on the gravitational field. Our eyes have one set of sensors for light intensity and another for color. Our color sensors could also be considered individual senses because there are three different types of them. One for each primary color.

We all share a connection to God or Consciousness. We are all a part of it and it connects us all. We can also use the infinite light and energy we all inherently have access to in order to project ourselves into the past or the future. Time is but a measurement of our position in the universe. We are therefore not limited to the present moment(though it could be debated that the present moment is all there is).

Remote Viewing is a technique which can be used to achieve this. It has been developed over the past 20+ years by the United States military and other countries. Remote Viewing is not the only technique used to tap into the knowledge of the Universe. Kinesiology, the science of human movement also can.

This technique was pioneered by David Hawkins(not Hawkings) and others, and is known as muscle testing. Muscle testing has given us a structured system behind essentially asking questions to the field of consciousness known as god. The difference between remote viewing and kinesiology is that in remote viewing you are able to see using the minds eye; where as kinesiology gives a binary response to something based on a positive or negative response. The frequency of positive or negative response varies and it can be used to refine the understanding specific response. Pendulum’s can also be used as alternatives to muscle testing.

This brings up an interesting questions? Do we have the ability to sense the truthfulness or falsity of something? Based on the binary logic inherent in muscle testing I would have to say, yes. Our bodies at least have the ability to sense whether something has an electromagnetically positive or negative response to something. So if we translate that into the answer of a yes or no question; we can base our electromagnetic response to it, to measure its validity. These positive and negative responses can be sensed and do not necessarily have to be determined. Thus we can add the sense of positive or negative electromagnetic response to stimuli to our list of senses.

Since we have the ability to sense past, present and future could we not add those to the list as well? Or since time is but a measurement of our position in the universe; and past, present, and future are all parts of the same unit of measurement couldn’t we say we have the sense of time itself rather then the sense of points in time? Or rather then the sense of time, or past, present and future what about the sense of our existence? Or the sense of the existence of god? Or the sense of how we feel emotionally? Or our ability to sense other peoples emotions, via electromagnetic frequencies and pheromones? Or what about our ability to see electromagnetic frequencies, even with our eyes closed?

If we add these senses to the list we get a count of inbetween 21-29 depending on how you want to look at it. All of these senses that I have come up with are viable and not hypothetical ones. Can you come up with any more senses to add to the list? Leave a comment if you do.

G8 Report and Contempt Government

Elections are coming up, May 2, and from my understanding it is because of the harper government being in contempt of illegal spending during the G8 meeting in Toronto. But from this article and video here:(link) at CTV it is clearly stated that the allegations against the Harper government are based solely on a draft  document of the spending report.  The attorney general is refusing to release the final document which would indicate that there has been illegal spending going on.  A Toronto women is suing the Attorney General with the help of and a petition signed by over 80,000 Canadians.  Why are we having an election when we have only a draft?  That may be substantial evidence but its not proof.  The media was and is saying that this is a fact even though the final spending report hasn’t yet been seized.

I would also like to clarify that this is not the first time the Canadian federal government has been found in contempt.  Two other times the Canadian federal government has been held in contempt.  Last time was in 1992 when Quebec signed onto a harmonized sales tax scheme with Ottawa.  This is only the first time that a Canadian government has been found in contempt based on illegal spending.  Just wanted to give the hole story since the media has been reporting on it as the it were the first time a Canadian government has been found in contempt.  

The S.L.A (Silver Liberation Army) strikes back.

    With the launch of Max Keisers campaign against JP Morgan on the Alex Jones show back in November 2010 we have seen immense success by the Silver Liberation Army.  Max Keiser has since gone around the world to convince the non-globalist wealthy to buy as much silver as possible to crash JP Morgan and take down the financial terrorists which they are.

People all over the world who are waking up to the global economic crisis are taking action and buying silver.  Since the beginning of the campaign silver has nearly doubled in price and is steadily raising.  Max says that “Once silver hits $47 dollars an ounce JP Morgan will fall like a house of cards”.  Silver is currently around $43 and i expect it will hit $47 in the next couple days if not weeks.

I suggest going out and buying silver if you can to help in this campaign and to secure your financial assets for the future.  As the world is moving back to a gold and silver standard.  Remember everyone, that money is only worth as much as the paper it is printed on.

Here is the official video of the Silver Liberation Army

Here is a couple links to different silver and gold brokers.

Here is a good resource for viewing current commodity prices.

As well as gold and silver, oil is also expected to rise to $150 to $200 a barrel possibly even $300 so you will also want to keep an eye on that.  I will post more about rising oil prices later and what that means to us, our society, our economy and our future.  In the meantime I wish everyone love, safety and prosperity, and I hope this information has been helpful.

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