Himalayas have lost no snow over the past 10 years.

Here is evidence that it is particularly our poles which are warming up, not just because of “climate change”, because for anything to happen in terms of a differential implies change.  Not saying there isn’t a climate change, since there is in fact evidence of global warming, but there is also evidence of planetary warming of our entire solar system, including our sun.  So we need to step back and look at the big picture here.  Which is that everything in our solar system is heating up.

Now this article is a big propaganda piece and is quite upsetting to read.  It is basically saying that some people are blaming the sun for the warming based on the fact that other planets are being warmed as well but “scientists” say this is misleading and that we are to blame.

Whatever research there doing shouldn’t be considered highly scientific and at best theoretical.  There simply is not enough evidence for scientist to put the blame on people.  We don’t have data going back as far as to previous cycles, since we are going through a solar cycle at this moment.   We are also completing an even larger cycle which evidently in my opinion is the reason for the increase in temperature.  Since the increase in temperature correlates with other planets in our solar system there is factual evidence that the sun would be the main determinant of thermal increase.

“Scientists” are trying to blame carbon as the cause of the temperature increase to scare the populous into giving away they’re money by being taxed for producing it.  The fact that it is called the “Carbon Tax” is sickening to me because carbon is one of the building blocks of life on this planet.  So just think about: we can’t live without carbon.  We’re being taxed for emissions of something that is essential for life.  It would be different if it was a “carbon monoxide tax” which is poisonous and polluting, but just carbon alone is not.

Carbon is part of  the symbiotic cycle between plants and animals. We inhale oxygen from plants and exhale carbon which they inhale and then exhale oxygen and the cycle repeats.  Near clean burning coal plants people have found that plant life flourishes in environments which contain access carbon.  This flourishing plant life counter-balances the access carbon by consuming and producing oxygen.

Don’t fall for the globalist game of control and domination.  Think about what it is that your government is asking of you and the policies that they impose and how that might affect you.  Do research and look beyond what is presented to you in the mass media which is controlled and consolidated in most parts of the world.   Use your head and particularly your heart.  Let it guide you.


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