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Non-linear Senses

As a child we are told that we only have 5 senses. But that is not true. According to an answer to the question “How many senses does a human being have?” on Discoveries “fit & health” website, there is in between 14-20 senses. They seem quite obvious after one looks at it. For example our ears have multiple senses that not only sense sound vibration but also the orientation of our position on the gravitational field. Our eyes have one set of sensors for light intensity and another for color. Our color sensors could also be considered individual senses because there are three different types of them. One for each primary color.

We all share a connection to God or Consciousness. We are all a part of it and it connects us all. We can also use the infinite light and energy we all inherently have access to in order to project ourselves into the past or the future. Time is but a measurement of our position in the universe. We are therefore not limited to the present moment(though it could be debated that the present moment is all there is).

Remote Viewing is a technique which can be used to achieve this. It has been developed over the past 20+ years by the United States military and other countries. Remote Viewing is not the only technique used to tap into the knowledge of the Universe. Kinesiology, the science of human movement also can.

This technique was pioneered by David Hawkins(not Hawkings) and others, and is known as muscle testing. Muscle testing has given us a structured system behind essentially asking questions to the field of consciousness known as god. The difference between remote viewing and kinesiology is that in remote viewing you are able to see using the minds eye; where as kinesiology gives a binary response to something based on a positive or negative response. The frequency of positive or negative response varies and it can be used to refine the understanding specific response. Pendulum’s can also be used as alternatives to muscle testing.

This brings up an interesting questions? Do we have the ability to sense the truthfulness or falsity of something? Based on the binary logic inherent in muscle testing I would have to say, yes. Our bodies at least have the ability to sense whether something has an electromagnetically positive or negative response to something. So if we translate that into the answer of a yes or no question; we can base our electromagnetic response to it, to measure its validity. These positive and negative responses can be sensed and do not necessarily have to be determined. Thus we can add the sense of positive or negative electromagnetic response to stimuli to our list of senses.

Since we have the ability to sense past, present and future could we not add those to the list as well? Or since time is but a measurement of our position in the universe; and past, present, and future are all parts of the same unit of measurement couldn’t we say we have the sense of time itself rather then the sense of points in time? Or rather then the sense of time, or past, present and future what about the sense of our existence? Or the sense of the existence of god? Or the sense of how we feel emotionally? Or our ability to sense other peoples emotions, via electromagnetic frequencies and pheromones? Or what about our ability to see electromagnetic frequencies, even with our eyes closed?

If we add these senses to the list we get a count of inbetween 21-29 depending on how you want to look at it. All of these senses that I have come up with are viable and not hypothetical ones. Can you come up with any more senses to add to the list? Leave a comment if you do.


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