NLE 11′ and Judgement day

National Level Exercise: May 16–20, 2011

The week-long capstone event in the National Level Exercise in which all participating Federal, State, Tribal and Private Sector entities interact to test the eight overarching Exercise Objectives defined during the planning process for NLE 11 at all levels of government (Federal, State and Local).

The day after the end of NLE 11′ is judgement day according to the bible and this youtube video:

This is very likely to be the day that the New Madrid fault slips. It seems that this time we can expect that instead of the event occurring on one of the same days as one of these exercises it will most likely be the day after.

I believe there has been seem some speculation about judgement day particularly by Christians who actually think the world is going to end on this day.

George Noory of “Coast to Coast AM” had one of these people on his show back in march. He tried convincing the guy to come back on; if in fact he was still there the next day. But the guy was not convinced that he would be.

These Christians have gone through the trouble of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising to try to spread the word about this day.

It is very interesting that who ever is behind this atrocity in the making seems to know about this day of judgement, and seems to be making it their agenda to achieve there goals of apparently making judgement day a reality.

There is evidence that this is happening. As they are accelerating their disruption process of the New Madrid fault. Which you can see in my other blog post:

He are some more videos documenting evidence which supports predictions that a quake in the New Madrid area is likely to happen very soon.

Henning gives warning that now is time to leave and get out of harms way:

If you need the Navy map depicting in blue “danger zones” it is also available in my previous blog post:


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