G8 Report and Contempt Government

Elections are coming up, May 2, and from my understanding it is because of the harper government being in contempt of illegal spending during the G8 meeting in Toronto. But from this article and video here:(link) at CTV it is clearly stated that the allegations against the Harper government are based solely on a draft  document of the spending report.  The attorney general is refusing to release the final document which would indicate that there has been illegal spending going on.  A Toronto women is suing the Attorney General with the help of Avaaz.org and a petition signed by over 80,000 Canadians.  Why are we having an election when we have only a draft?  That may be substantial evidence but its not proof.  The media was and is saying that this is a fact even though the final spending report hasn’t yet been seized.

I would also like to clarify that this is not the first time the Canadian federal government has been found in contempt.  Two other times the Canadian federal government has been held in contempt.  Last time was in 1992 when Quebec signed onto a harmonized sales tax scheme with Ottawa.  This is only the first time that a Canadian government has been found in contempt based on illegal spending.  Just wanted to give the hole story since the media has been reporting on it as the it were the first time a Canadian government has been found in contempt.  


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2 responses to “G8 Report and Contempt Government

  • helen price

    Hey Noah! What is “illegal spending”? Bill and I were discussing this and decided we didn’t know. Is overshooting the budget, nepotism or just what? We weren’t sure but thought maybe you could tell us.

    • Noah Muller

      I was referring to the legalities of spending money and not releasing it to the public as “illegal spending”. We don’t yet know if the spending is illegal but there is substantial evidence to support it as I mentioned. The “illegal spending” which you heard about is most likely a different relative issue in which the Conservative Party illegally went over their spending budget for there campaign in 2006. This article goes into detail about it. Be careful when ready the article as it is written as a disinformation piece. The post date is April 10th, 2011 and it states that “the Harper Government is the first government to be found in contempt of parliament”. Which as I stated in the article, is not the truth.

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