The S.L.A (Silver Liberation Army) strikes back.

    With the launch of Max Keisers campaign against JP Morgan on the Alex Jones show back in November 2010 we have seen immense success by the Silver Liberation Army.  Max Keiser has since gone around the world to convince the non-globalist wealthy to buy as much silver as possible to crash JP Morgan and take down the financial terrorists which they are.

People all over the world who are waking up to the global economic crisis are taking action and buying silver.  Since the beginning of the campaign silver has nearly doubled in price and is steadily raising.  Max says that “Once silver hits $47 dollars an ounce JP Morgan will fall like a house of cards”.  Silver is currently around $43 and i expect it will hit $47 in the next couple days if not weeks.

I suggest going out and buying silver if you can to help in this campaign and to secure your financial assets for the future.  As the world is moving back to a gold and silver standard.  Remember everyone, that money is only worth as much as the paper it is printed on.

Here is the official video of the Silver Liberation Army

Here is a couple links to different silver and gold brokers.

Here is a good resource for viewing current commodity prices.

As well as gold and silver, oil is also expected to rise to $150 to $200 a barrel possibly even $300 so you will also want to keep an eye on that.  I will post more about rising oil prices later and what that means to us, our society, our economy and our future.  In the meantime I wish everyone love, safety and prosperity, and I hope this information has been helpful.


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